Wednesday, January 19, 2005


1. The way you present yourself is very important. Appearances are first impressions on people and when you dont give a good appearance, people tend to judge you a certain way. I feel it is important to maintain your physical appearance because you need to be concerned that others are accepting you even though you shouldnt care what others masy think. I believe you should still be concerned on presenting yourself with a good appearance. I would probably like to change the sense of my style because at times I dont care what i'm wearing and i just want to be comfortable so you always see me and sweats and pajamas but really i would like to make it seem like i know how to actually get dressed up.

2. i think the same goes for appearance of others. i hate seeing people dressed in all these weird clothes and your thinking to yourself.. what were they thinking when they put those clothes on. i can honestly say i do give judgement to others who dress a little different because they know they dress different they arent just dressing that way for themselves, they want to be noticed. On other hands, sometimes I love others styles and i feel i can learn and try something new with my look because i saw a persons different appearance. When i meet other people i initially notice their hair and probably their jeans. i hate it when people have greasy hair or ugly styles to their hair when you know their hair could look so much better. and when it cans to their jeans, i personally hate to wear jeans, so when i wear them i like them looser and lower cut, so when i see others with their pants pulled up to they bellybuttons it just bothers me for some reason.

3. when it comes to those shows, i dont think i would ever want to be on one of the shows. i think they are brave for putting their stories outt there but i really hate the fake look of surgery. Even though the shows are amazing with there outcomes i hate having to see the process. it just looks too painful. the people that do do those shows, i feel they are just wanting to better themselves and if changing their looks makes them feel better about themselves then thats good for them.

*the makeovers for the girls were definatly needed but for the guys i feel i liked their old appearances better. the girls teeth were horrible and now they look better then before obviously, but you can tell their appearances are fake. their bodies look to young for their faces. the guys definatly look younger, the last guy especially, but the first guy i feel his orginal appearance was so much better.