Wednesday, February 09, 2005


1. i see myself as different from a majority of the olchs population through my experiences. i have grown up a lot from freshman year and now as a senior i feel i am a lot more mature then a majority of this school. most of the kids i see around this school are loud and obnoxious and i feel i'm more of a mellow, quiet person. i believe i'm a conformist because i don't really tend to stick out, especially with my appearance. i'm not into dressing up for school and to be honest i'm am usually in a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. With the style i kind of more traditional and blend in instead of standing out in the crowd.

2. i believe the fashionable groups are more accepted then those you show a less appealing appearance because a lot of people adore their styles. i wish i could dress up everyday with new cute outfits but i just don't have that time in the morning. when we see that they take care of their appearance it gives you more of a "wanting to be there friend" feeling towards those people. the groups known as probably the "freaks" ,and we all know who they are, are seen as outcasts because of their different appearance. they are seen as outcasts because they look unusual to us. they are something we are not used to seeing and a lot of people are skeptical to the unusual. the difference between the two appearances is that the first group is more put together appearances and up to date styles that we see in magazines and on tv everyday. the other group is more of a dark unusual style that is only frowned upon. their style just creeps you out.

3. there have been plenty times where i have felt like an outcasts. it has usually been a time were i was by myself. i am not used to things unknown and when i'm around something i am not familiar with, i feel like an outcast. we ususally feel like outcasts because the acceptance isn't there obviously and being different then your surroundings only gives you less feelings of an acceptance.


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